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Why you should rake the leaves

Why you should rake the leaves.

Updated: Jun 28, 2023


Always seems like the year just passes us by these days. One day its spring and the lawn mowing season is just beginning. But before you know it the grass stops growing right before your beautiful lawn becomes covered in a pile of leaves.


Fall leaf removal is a big task. Many people ask lawn care professionals do I have to rake fallen leaves or can they break down on their own?


Piles of leaves can damage your lawn.


Leaves can help or harm your lawn, according to lawn experts. On one hand they can be a valuable source of nutrients for the turf when managed properly.


However, if left to form a dense thick mass they can quickly damage grass. The fallen leaves reduce sunlight and trap moisture beneath them. The resulting mold, fungus, and disease can damage or even destroy a lawn in a year or two.


This picture below shows how leaves can harm things during one season. At the end of the mowing season this area was full of grass. By spring of the next year when the client had called to have them removed the damage had been done.


Leaves can damage shrubs and plants.


Many consider the health of the grass but commonly overlooked are the plants and shrubbery in the landscape. A landscape repair or renovation can cost anywhere from $1000 – to over $10,000. In fact, a mature developed landscape can represent 10% of a homes value.


When leaves are left covering these plants and shrubs, they often suffer the same issues as the grass. A lack of sunlight stunts the plant resulting in poor health and the onset of disease. If not handled quickly the shrub will die and at the very least need to be removed.


Leaf mold.


For such a small word it raises concern with so many people. A thick dense layer of leaves retains moisture and blocks sunlight creating a breeding ground for mold. The mold and fungus that develops normally assists in the decomposition of the leaves.


However, for people, pets and kids tromping thru the wet leaves it can present some issues for those with allergies. They can experience dermatitis, runny nose, congestion, sneezing, red eyes and wheezing. Leaf cleanup can help to reduce these issues.


Wet leaves and pine needles are a slip hazard.


Often overlooked is the risk wet leaves and pine needles present as a slip hazard. Claims are filled every year for accidents such as these and many commercial properties implement plans to prevent these risks. Removing leaves from your place of business is about more than appearance.


Even residential properties can benefit from yard cleanups. While those with mobility or health issues are the first to come to mind, accidents can happen to anyone. An accident that could force your homeowner’s insurance to pick up the cost.


Should leaves be mulched or bagged?


The best solution to leaf removal can be determined by a leaf removal service during an on-site inspection. Sometimes it makes sense to periodically mulch the leaves up and settle the leaves into the turf as a natural fertilizer. However, if there are to many leaves to mulch, the leaf mulch can become so thick that it can smother the grass as well.


In these instances, a combination of leaf removal to address the bulk of the leaves is used in conjunction with mulching to provide some natural fertilizer to the soil. A company experienced in providing leaf removal services will be able to quickly determine the best course of action. Anything in excess of what is beneficial for your property will be removed off site for disposal. Advance Lawn Care provides leaf removal services in Hot springs, Hot springs national park, piney, lake hamilton, royal, pleasant hill and rockwell.


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Advance Lawn Care



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