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Frequently Asked Questions about Gravel Driveway Maintenance

When we dump equipment there are a few things we are attentive too. One is if the ground is solid enough for our equipment to not get stuck. Another concern is limbs or power lines. As the truck or trailer dumps they can reach fairly high into the air. Snagging objects can damage our equipment or the objects we snag. Its also important that we have a some what level place to dump. Whenever you have tons of material being dumped our equipment can become top heavy. Our trucks and trailers are very expensive and roll overs can damage our equipment, any objects they crash into, and anyone unfortunate enough to be in the way. We take safety very seriously. We use our years of experience to determine what safely be done. We reserve the right to determine where we choose to dump materials based on this experience.

The biggest load that can safely be delivered is usually the most economical option. However trucks capable of carrying 18 ton loads are very heavy, often exceeding design limits of residential concrete driveways and other surfaces. Its at these times we might require the use of smaller loads. We can help you determine the best way to complete any project

We can only provide estimates because weight and volume are to different measurements. Different size and types of stone will differ in weight per square yard. Because rock is often sold by the ton this can be a little confusing. In general plan for 1 yard of gravel to weight between 2500 pounds and 3000 pounds or 1 1/4 tons to 1 1/2 tons.

While a properly designed driveway can be complex there are a few general goals to maintaining a driveway. Protecting its foundation is important. To do this it is important to keep the driveway well drained. Ditches help drain water tables around driveways and channel water to proper drainage channels. Next thing to consider is how the surface of the driveway sheds water. This is done by establishing very slight slopes to the left and right of the center line of the driveway that drain towards the drainage channels. This process is called crowning a driveway and helps water to not collect on the driveway. It also resurfaces the drive making a smoother ride and helps move gravel back on the road before it can wash into the ditches. 

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