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Ouachita 1 1/4 inch

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Frequently asked questions about our landscaping store

Very much so. The drier the mulch is the lower the risk but we prefer to always use precautions regardless of how dry the mulch is. Each batch varies in how long the dyes have had to dry and rarely do they dry evenly. So even if it appears dried there are good chances of find wet areas towards the center of the mulch.

Completely, no. However it can greatly reduce the number of weeds that will sprout. Some seeds have tremendous energy reserves and are able to muscle their way through. Many however have less nutrients available to push the sprout up and out of the mulch. Reduced sunlight and warmth further limits the number of seed varieties capable of germination. 

I always advise 3-4 inches deep. This depth seems to offer the best balance of benefit with out introducing other problems. 

Proper installation and edging make a huge difference here. Customers often add additional mulch on top of the old mulch year over year. This works ok for a while however eventually the beds begin to overflow the edging. In this instance its usually best to dig the decomposed mulch, now simply dirt, out of the bed to make room for the new mulch. While removing good nutrient rich dirt is never something we like to do, sometimes its necessary to achieve our clients desired landscape goals.