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Why use our pruning services?

Professional local business

This isn't our side hustle, this is our livelihoods, and our reputation depends on it. We are highly motivated to deliver 5 star service year over year.

Experienced Shrub Trimming Service

Landscaping is expensive. Our staff are trained to promote healthy pruning practices to extend the life span of your landscape plantings. One way they do this is by watching for signs of illness and sanitizing equipment to avoid spread of plant illness.


Accidents happen, shrubs are often close to windows. One false step could lead to a broken window. While we do everything we can to protect your home, accidents happen, and if it does, we are prepared to make it right.

We Guarantee 5 Star Bush Trimming Services-No Risk-No Hassle

Frequently asked questions about our bush pruning service in Hot Springs Arkansas

Sanitizing pruning equipment when pruning shrubs is important to prevent the spread of diseases and pathogens between plants. This practice helps maintain the health of the shrubs and prevents the transmission of infections, ensuring their long-term vitality and growth.

Yes, its part of our goal to ensure we leave your landscape in pristine condition. We make great effort to get all clippings cleaned up and removed.

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Investing in efficient pruning equipment entails significant costs for both purchase and maintenance, while also occupying precious space in your home. Say goodbye to cumbersome ladders and inefficient corded trimmers. Let us handle your pruning needs, allowing you to focus on more pressing matters.