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How dirt gets into your gutters.

Cleaning the gutters is a labor-intensive task. Wet leaves and debris get heavy and hard to remove. The only way to make flushing the gutters harder is when you add dirt to the mix.

Even if you cleaned them recently you might be surprised how much dirt has found its way into your gutters. So how does all that dirt find its way into gutters so quickly?

Wind and rain add dirt to gutters.

Its surprising how much dirt can be added by just wind and rain. As dust is blown around on dry days it often ends up collecting on the surface of homeowners roofs.

The next time it rains all this dirt is washed into the gutters. Normally it flows out down the gutters and downspouts. However, once some leaves and pine needles enter the gutters they begin to catch and hold this dirt. This begins to prevent the natural cleaning action of the gutters leading to clogs.

Animals are cute until they're not.

Squirrels and birds can bring hours of enjoyment as they go about their daily lives. However, they can also bring a lot of debris to their favorite hangout, your gutter system.

As squirrels and birds eat and rest on rooftops or nearby trees, their droppings gradually accumulate in the gutter channel. This can happen over time, especially if the gutters are not regularly cleaned.

Birds, particularly during their mating season, often perceive gutters as ideal locations to construct their nests. The sheltered and elevated position of gutters provides a safe and secure environment for birds to lay their eggs and raise their young.

In addition to their droppings, birds, and squirrels also contribute to gutter debris by inadvertently dropping the shells of seeds and nuts while they eat. This can occur when they perch on nearby branches or rooftops and consume their food. As they crack open the shells to access the nutritious contents, some fragments may fall into the gutters below.

Granular loss.

There are several things that can cause shingles to lose granules over time. The most common cause is enduring intense elements for many years.

Over time, the heat, water, wind, and ice take their toll on asphalt shingles. As they break down they slowly begin to lose granules. Damage caused by branches touching the roof or hail can also contribute to granule loss.

Whatever the cause of the granule loss, it all eventually gets washed into the gutters. These granules are among the worst things that can collect in the rain gutter channels. These granules are crushed rocks and can become heavy in large quantities. Neglecting gutters can allow enough of these granules to build up that gutters begin to sag or cause gutter leaks.

Leaves and pine needles decomposing.

This one isn't very surprising. However, it does deserve a place on the list.

If left long enough leave and pine needles will eventually become wonderful topsoil. Unfortunately, it can't help your garden while it is in your gutters. We have however seen some impressive gutter gardens.

How to remove dirt in gutters.

Large volumes of dirt can be one of the most challenging types of gutter debris to remove. To show how heavy this debris can become they are often the cause of sagging gutters.

Gutter grabber tools are prone to breaking trying to remove this debris. Leaf blowers and garden hoses can remove dirt and granules however it can be a slow process.

We use high-power 220v vacuum systems for our professional gutter cleaning service. However, homes owners can do this on their own if they have the time.

The key to gutter cleaning is to not allow large amounts of leaves, pine needles, dirt, and granules to build up. Once it builds up it can be difficult for homeowner gutter cleaning kits to clean clogged gutters and downspouts.

Homeowners should plan on cleaning their gutters frequently. Weekly is often needed during fall and periods of intense storms during spring and fall.

If regular gutter cleaning gets away from you it may be time to hire a professional gutter service. Our gutter cleaners are always ready to get your gutters clean and offer exceptional customer service.

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