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Three commonly overlooked reasons to clean gutters

Three commonly overlooked reasons to clean gutters.


Everyone knows home maintenance is important. However, some of the reasons home maintenance is important might surprise us. When it comes to cleaning gutters a few things come to mind like damaged foundations, water leaks, and wood rot to name a few. Here are three reasons to clean the gutters you may not have thought of.


Are your gutters a fire hazard?


When it’s time to build a fall fire what do kids typically gather? Often it’s piles of dried leaves or pine needles.


It’s because these dry light materials are easy to ignite and get a fire going. The gutter systems of most homes can contain twenty gallons or more of leaves and pine needles. This makes a prime fire starter for your neighbors out of control bonfires.


Perhaps a guest at your vacation rental removes the spark arrestor from the fire pit so they can enjoy a bigger fire. Whatever the cause, the potential hazard is more common than you may realize.


Are your gutters inviting pests?


Water is vital for life. In periods when rain decreases and temperatures rise all wildlife begins to search for this vital resource. This includes various insects.


Subterranean termites are a common pest in Arkansas. Many preventative measures involve an insecticidal soil barrier that can prevent these pests from causing major damage.


However, if they gain entry to a home via their swarmers the soil barrier will only be effective if they return to the soil for moisture. Normally this is what they do. However, if they can find a water source they may not be as likely to cross this soil treatment. The result can reduce the effectiveness of the termite treatment.


That is why it is vital to ensure there are no water sources available for these pests. Leaky pipes can be a common source of this moisture. Clogged gutters can also provide moisture for these pests in two ways.


Clogged gutters and downspouts struggle or fail to drain water from a gutter system. When this happens it becomes a perfect water dish for local wildlife needing a drink. As the rain gutters overflow they begin to soak fascia boards and roof decking. This water-soaked wood becomes another source of water that insects can take advantage of.


Another problem with clogged gutters is mosquitoes. Gutters full of leaves and debris can contain a lot of stagnant water. Once the clogged downspout ensures the gutters stay full. This becomes an excellent environment for pesky mosquitoes.


Clogged gutters can cause mold.


Anywhere water collects and isn’t able to dry out becomes a place mold can begin to grow. As water seeps into your roof and attic, mold can begin to grow and spread. Immediate damage may not show up in the form of a leak. However, these mold spores can be causing all sorts of unknown health issues.


If neglected gutters are inviting these risks to your home our gutter cleaning service can help. Our professional gutter cleaning service has the tools to flush the gutters quickly and safely. By hiring a professional gutter cleaner you can rest easy knowing your home isn’t inviting these issues.

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