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How to time mowing around lawn weed treatment.

How long to wait to mow after lawn treatment?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023


The goal of any lawn treatment program is to develop a beautiful lawn. These programs work in harmony with what is known as integrated pest management.


Put very simply this is combining lawn weed treatments and fertilization with proper cultural practices. Cultural practices include things such as how and when you mow and irrigation methods among many other aspects. Lawn weed treatments are not a replacement for proper turf management. This article specifically covers the topic of how long to delay mowing before and after a lawn treatment.


A lawn treatment in a basic lawn care program is a combination of weed treatments for lawns and fertilization. Both have a different influence on how long to wait to mow before or after the lawn treatment.


How to time mowing around lawn weed treatment.


It is important to remember, herbicides have labels that contain the knowledge needed to use the product safely and effectively. If a lawn weed control service applied the product, they can give instructions based on the label’s contents. This label also serves as the lawful direction for how to use the product.


It’s also good to remember that specific weeds may absorb weed control products at different speeds. One type of weed may have a waxy layer that slows the absorption of a weed control product. Whereas another kind of weed may readily absorb the lawn treatment.


In general many selective herbicide labels specify to delay mowing two days before and two days after applying their products. Following this direction can greatly improve the effects of the post emergent.


Waiting a few days after cutting the grass helps because it gives the weed more time to grow its leaves. This provides more surface area to absorb the herbicide’s active ingredients.


If the weed can’t absorb enough of the herbicide the weed can survive the weed treatment for lawn. This can lead to weed species that are resistant to chemical weed killers. This means a follow-up application with a different herbicide may be required. This can increase the difficulty of controlling weeds in your lawn.


Once the weed has been sprayed it begins to absorb the herbicide and mowing should be delayed for a couple of days. This is because the herbicide needs to have time to travel from the leaves throughout the plant. If mowed too soon it’s possible to remove the post emergent herbicide along with the grass clippings.


Preventing weeds from growing by using pre emergents is a great way to minimize these issues. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as they say.


When to mow after fertilizing?


Lawnmowers won’t move the fertilizer prills much once they reach the soil surface, generally speaking. With most lawns fertilizer prills get to the soil surface pretty easily.


During the lawn weed treatment, they naturally tend to fall and roll to the soil surface. If the fertilizer hasn’t reached the soil, the next watering should help to move it down.


We have been providing lawn services in hot springs Arkansas for many years now. We have mowed all sorts of warm-season grasses. We have never personally had an issue related to moving fertilizer with our mowers.


How to schedule lawn treatments and lawn mowing?


If you mow your own lawn this greatly simplifies this process. You can simply communicate with the lawn weed control service and coordinate schedules. Once you know when they plan to perform the lawn treatment you can adjust your mowing schedule as needed. If you cannot make an adjustment to the mowing schedule, you can request that the lawn treatment be performed on another day.


However, when hiring lawn weed treatments and lawn mowing services from two different companies this can be challenging. Both lawn treatment companies and lawn mowing services try to maintain dense routes. This helps each company to reduce expenses and offer more competitive pricing.


To maintain these prices contractors will often want to maintain your home while they are nearby. To come back another time means they may have to travel from across town to service your property.


By using one contractor for both services this situation becomes easier to resolve. We can resolve these scheduling issues in-house, so you don’t have to worry about it. This is why we feel lawn care companies should provide both services.


Effective weed control not only involves proper lawn weed treatments but also requires proper turf maintenance. We are happy to assist our clients to whatever extent they need.


We like to take care of both lawn treatments and mowing for our clients as it gives the best results. However, we also know some clients may already have preferred contractors for lawn treatments or mowing. We are always available to assist with any services your current contractor doesn’t provide.


Homeowners can manage their lawn care in many ways. Some might choose to handle both lawn treatments and lawn mowing by themselves.


Still, others might use a different service provider for each of these services. Others might choose the benefits that come from one lawn care company managing both lawn treatments and lawn mowing.


Whichever way a homeowner decides to handle these lawn care tasks, great results can be achieved. Just follow the guidance in this article to maximize the benefit of your lawn treatments. You will be one step closer to a beautiful green lawn.

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