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Lawn Mowing Service

Whats included

  • Mowing the lawn

  • String trimming areas our mowers can't access

  • Blowing grass clippings off streets, walkways patios, etc

How often

  • Weekly lawn service

  • bi weekly lawn mowing service

Well maintained beautiful green lawn with defined edging and a lake view with blue skies

A little more about our service

     Our lawn mowing service provides quality dependable weekly and bi-weekly mowing. We strive to provide excellence in lawn maintenance. For lawns receiving lawn fertilizer weekly lawn service is required. For lawns that are not fertilized we offer bi weekly lawn mowing service.

     We use our lawnmowers to cut the grass at the property on each visit. We use sharp blades to ensure a clean and precise cut, with no patches of longer grass.

     We then use our string trimmers to trim any parts of the lawn, such as around trees, fences, and other landscaping features, that our lawn mowers weren't able to get to. This includes hard-to-reach areas around the edges of the lawn that the lawn mower is unable to access. This helps to ensure a neat and even look to the lawn.

      Finally, to clean up any grass clippings that were dispersed onto the pavement, sidewalks, decks, or any other areas they should not be, we use our leaf blowers to remove them.

     There are many ways we strive to be the best lawn care service. Unlike many lawn care companies, our team is fully insured and professionally trained to provide the best service possible. We are proud of providing outstanding work and making sure our customers are happy.

Serving Hot springs, Lake Hamilton, Royal, Piney, Pleasant Hill, Rockwell and Pearcy Arkansas

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