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Lawn Fertilization

What We Do:

  • Evenly apply lawn fertilizer containing precise amounts of nutrients to build up your turf, both above and below the soil

  • Blow all fertilizer granules off hard surfaces back into the lawn to protect our local waters as well as prevent staining on concrete surfaces

  • Use a blend of fast acting fertilizer and slow release fertilizer to maintain steady healthy growth 

  • During each visit we inspect the lawn to offer general suggestions regarding mowing height, irrigation and any other turf health needs we observe.

A Little more about what we do

Having a strong turf is essential to creating a lush green lawn that can survive Hot Springs Arkansas' sweltering summers. When its time to feed your lawn, Advance Lawn Care is here to help.

Its important to work with a lawn care company that knows your local soil conditions. Advance Lawn Care has performed many soil tests, and knows the soil needs in Hot Springs Arkansas and surrounding areas. They have performed many soil samples throughout the years and understand the needs of each lawn. Our special lawn fertilizer contains the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that your grass requires to create a thick, beautiful lawn.

The results of a fertilized lawn often appear first above the soil. Proper fertilization has an equally powerful impact below the soil. Every application of grass fertilizer will help promote healthy deep root growth. Our top-notch fertilizer blend includes an iron supplement to produce a rich green color.

Our granular lawn fertilizer consists of two parts. The first is a fast-acting fertilizer, which helps give your lawn a quick boost. The second is a slow release fertilizer, which helps maintain and promote healthy growth between applications.

The grass fertilizer is spread evenly. It gives precisely what your turf needs, where it needs it and at the correct time of the year. When its time to fertilize, you can be confident that Advance Lawn Care has the right fertilizer for your grass type.

Serving Hot springs, Lake Hamilton, Royal, Piney, Pleasant Hill, Rockwell and Pearcy Arkansas

Time lapse of lake house lawn that was full of weeds transformed into a weed free lawn with beautiful blue skys, green lawn and lake views

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