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Lawn Weed Control

What we do:

  • Our technicians are trained to apply pre-emergent herbicide treatments at the optimal time of the year. This prevents the growth of weed species such as crab grass and poa annual blue grass, among many others.

  • Our herbicides kill both grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds

  • Our technicians are trained to identify all types of weeds. They can properly treat any break through or non preventable weed species with the right post emergent herbicide formulation. 

  • All of our pre emergent and post emergent products have been strictly tested and deemed safe for public use

  • We place high importance on our youth, as a local family business. We also recognize the importance of protecting our furry friends. During each lawn treatment we check the property and move any children's toys, pet food or water, and pet toys out of the areas to be sprayed that visit.

  • You will always be informed of any instructions needed to get the most out of your herbicide application

  • We inspect the lawn during each lawn weed control appointment. We also offer general suggestions regarding mowing height, irrigation, and other turf health needs.

How Often we do it:

Our lawn weed control program is always bundled with our lawn fertilization program. During the course of a full year we perform five lawn treatments.  

Front lawn that was full of weeds transformed in a time lapse photo into a green weed free lawn

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